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Mazda Motorsports Reduces MX-5 Cup Track-Only Hardtop Price


Mazda Motorsports Reduces MX-5 Cup Track-Only Hardtop Price

- Track-Only Exclusive Part Reduced to $3085 -
Mazda Motorsports today announced an adjustment in the price for the track-only, removable MX-5 Cup hardtop. The hardtop will retail for $3,085.00, reduced from the originally announced price of $4,420.00

“Thanks to hard work by our engineers and vendors, we are happy to announce a reduced price for the MX-5 Cup’s available hardtop, providing customers an even greater value for what is already one of the best bangs for the buck in motorsports today,” said David Cook, business development manager, Mazda Motorsports. “We want to see as many Mazdas on racetracks in as many series possible, so this will undoubtedly help. For customers who have already ordered their top at the original price, we will provide them back the difference.”

Mazda Motorsports introduced the MX-5 Global Cup race car in 2014 as nature intended: as an open-top roadster. Those who compete in series that require a hardtop have a factory-approved option, Mazda Motorsports has re-confirmed pricing and availability for the track-only, removable MX-5 Cup hardtop.


While running a hard top in many categories remains optional – Spec Miata included – there are some aspects of using a hard top that are not optional – the factory mounting brackets cannot be used for racing. So if you choose or are required to run a hard top, you must use fasteners beyond what the factory provided. Image Credit: Mazda Motorsports


“While our first year was spent concentrating on the successful launch of the MX-5 Cup car in our Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires, we knew that was just one arena for customers. Now with an available hardtop, Mazda racers can compete in SCCA and NASA Club Racing and in the Pirelli World Challenge TCA class,” said David Cook in the March Hardtop product announcement.
Already, more Mazda vehicles are raced on any given weekend than any other make in the U.S., from Spec Miata series and autocross to the Global MX-5 Cup racecars and KODO Design-inspired RT24-P DPi prototypes campaigned in endurance racing. Mazda’s goal is to be a trusted and chosen motorsports partner for all levels of motorsports, from amateurs to elite professional drivers.
Orders for the new motorsports hardtop started last month and are being accepted exclusively through Mazda Motorsports. Deliveries will begin later this month.
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